Contamination Zone – Specialists in tours to Ukraine, Chernobyl & Pripyat

Contamination Zone is a group of people who are united by our love for the Chernobyl Zone – we spend large parts of our life talking and teaching about the zone because it is so much more than “just a place” or “just a job” to us.

We are a small team with many years of experience in Ukraine, Pripyat and Chernobyl. Some of us have experience in tourism, some of us have experience in transport and logistics, others have experience in planning and office based tasks.

Together, we form a great team that is a pleasure to work with. We are all here because of our love of the Chernobyl zone, we raise thousands of euros every year for good causes in Chernobyl, such as firefighting equipment, monument restoration, dog feeding and more.

One of the main things that makes us different from other companies is that we don’t make a profit to return to directors – the money earned from the trips we run is reinvested in the zone, going to causes such as animal welfare programs, fire fighting equipment and memorial maintenance.

All of our team have many years experience in the exclusion zone so will be able to know exactly the best places to go for your personal interests.

Chernobyl is an amazing place to visit – an unforgettable experience. Let us make sure that your trip is the best quality you could possibly book.

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Meet the team

Charlie Tango
Alexandra Chalenko
Founding Partner & Chief Guide
Olya Osadcha
Senior Guide
Mariya Olegovna
Senior Guide
Neil Jayaratne
British Trip Partner
Igor Voronov
All-Departments Amazing Guy


5 star ratingWhen Chernobyl, then with Contamination Zone! The tour was amazing! The guys from Contamination Zone are absolutely responsible and know the place very well, we could literally ask any question we had (be it technical, historical or contemporary developments). Everything was very well organised from the transport to the documents and the walk in the territory. Highly recommended!! …

Maren Z Avatar
Maren Z.

5 star ratingAmazing day in Chernobyl Had an absolutely amazing experience with Contamination Zone in Chernobyl/pripyat. Owner Charlie and excellent guide Alexandra (Sasha) made the day even more special with their knowledge, good attitudes and humour - would highly recommend this team. A fascinating and eerie place, expert info, and I just about had it all to myself given the current circumstances! The driver Yuri felt very safe, despite the snowy conditions. I also liked that the team brought food for the stray dogs. Definitely 5 stars for these guys.. …

Cam C Avatar
Cam C.

Fantastic Tour! The transport was comfortable and Charlie- our guide was very informative and proactive,with great sense of humor and great gifts!A once in a lifetime expirence 👍. Thank you dearly

Eva V. Avatar
Eva V.