Reports of radiation spikes in Chernobyl

Reports of radiation spikes in Chernobyl

Yesterday evening, people began reporting radiation spikes in Chernobyl. These people were using the online public tool available at

In fact, the issue was a very simple one – periodically the sensors need testing and calibrating. To do this, they are tested at all levels of radiation.

From November 17, 2020, the Ecocentr Chipboard together with the Kyivoblstandardmetrology, is conducting a scheduled test of sensors in order to ensure the validity of ASKRS data.

To test their working condition, reference sources of radiation are raised to the sensor, causing short-term radiation background fluctuations (reference sources that rise to sensors, different distances are recorded). Today, there are about 11 sensors at the same time. One sensor test takes around 1 hour.

There are currently no emergencies in the Exclusion Zone and the radiation background is within the normal levels.

The sensor verification will continue from 7 to 11 December in the exclusion zone and will cause short-term increases in radiation background indications only by sensors that will be checked. This will be recorded by an automated radiation control system and shown according to the internet map.

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