Illegal fishermen arrested in Chernobyl Zone

Illegal fishermen arrested in Chernobyl Zone

ChNPP police have opened criminal proceedings against illegal fishermen in the Exclusion Zone.

During their patrol, officers of the ChNPP police department together with ecologists noticed a fisherman in the waters of the Pripyat River.
It turned out that a 57-year-old man illegally entered the exclusion zone outside the checkpoint. The man chose a place for fishing near the city of Chernobyl.
During the inspection of the motor boat, the police found prohibited fishing tackle, which is used only in the cold period, as well as freshly caught fish.
All this was confiscated by law enforcement officers and sent for appropriate examinations.

According to this fact, investigators of the ChNPP zone police department opened a criminal case under Art. 249 (Illegal employment in fish, animal or other extractive industry) of the Criminal code of Ukraine The sanction of article provides a financial penalty, or restriction of freedom for a period of up to three years.

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