Russian movie response to Chernobyl will released in the USA

Russian movie response to Chernobyl will released in the USA

Capelight Pictures has acquired the distribution rights in North American and German-speaking countries (US release in collaboration with MPI Media Group) of Danila Kozlovsky’s new film  Chernobyl .

The film has already been sold to South Korea (PoongKyung), Latin America (BF Distribution), Japan (Twin), Israel (Shoval Film), Spain (Mediaset) and the Baltics (Latvian Theatrical Distribution).

The first large-scale Russian feature film about the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, “Chernobyl” tells the story of three liquidators – a firefighter, an engineer and a naval diver – who were entrusted with the extremely dangerous mission: to drain water located directly under the burning reactor. 

Alexander Rodnyansky noted that the deal with Capelight Pictures “testifies to the international resonance of the historical event,” which has grown thanks to the HBO series. “For me this film is especially important, because I was an eyewitness to the liquidation of the consequences of the accident”.

“It is clear that the American public is very well aware of the Chernobyl disaster following the release of the successful HBO series. While Craig Mazin’s series explores how government lies create tragedy, our film tells a very personal story.”

Alexander Rodnyansky

“Chernobyl” by Danila Kozlovsky is a film about human courage and self-sacrifice. We tried to tell about those people who had to shoulder the responsibility for liquidating the disaster”

“Of course, I would like to see as many spectators as possible come to the cinemas. But still, the most important thing is that they should not just come to look at the scale or how we uniquely shot underwater scenes there, but connected to the human story about how the catastrophe burst into the lives of ordinary people, how it changed their fates and involuntarily made them heroes. ” , – said the director Danila Kozlovsky. “As a director and producer, the huge American market is, of course, very important to me. I rejoice in any country where our film will be shown and judging by the growing interest in the film, many countries are still ahead.”

The Russian theatrical release of “Chernobyl” is scheduled for April 15 2021. Watch the trailer below.

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