The most vulnerable people in Chernobyl need your help to survive winter

The most vulnerable people in Chernobyl need your help to survive winter

The unfavorable epidemiological situation with COVID-19 in Ukraine, along with a high probability of a new lockdown in Ukraine, may affect the most vulnerable group of people living in the Exclusion Zone. We are talking about the so-called “self-settlers”, the people who moved back here after the evacuation and refused to leave their home. Mostly, these are very elderly people who live in remote villages of the Chernobyl zone and have almost no contact with the outside world. In quiet times, self-settlers receive some support from the state and numerous visitors to the Exclusion Zone. However, the coming quarantine winter is expected to be difficult, yours and ours help will be needed.

To protect the most vulnerable residents of the Exclusion Zone, the Volunteer Headquarters of the Chernobyl Zone, established under the Public Council of the State Agency of Ukraine of Exclusion Zone Management during fires in the spring of 2020, is launching a targeted assistance program.

The Chernobyl community is appealing for donations from the wider public, this will be used to fund food, medicine and other essential items being delivered to these people at least once a week.

You can send your donation HERE.

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