Do not panic – there is no radioactive crisis in Chernobyl

Do not panic – there is no radioactive crisis in Chernobyl

Starting December 7, the continuation of sensor calibration for the automated radiation state control system is taking place.

The Exclusion Zone management has a planned annual test of equivalent dose sensors, which is performed according to an approved process. During the test, objects that emit known levels of radiation are placed at different distances, these reference sources of radiation artificially lead to increased background radiation. This procedure confirms sensors efficiency to adequately reflect equivalent dose capacity at different levels of irradiation and ensures reliable measurement results over the next year.

As a result, during the tests online data will incorrectly show increased levels of radiation.

In total, 53 sensors are providing data to the system. As of November 27, the tests had been conducted on 35 sensors, and the 18 sensors left are scheduled to be held from 7 to 11 December. According to the results of the sensors of the automated radiation control system in the exclusion zone, a certificate will be issued that sensors meet all the requirements of the operational documentation.

In addition, information on official resources will be updated for correct interpretation of the process of the scheduled annual test of the equivalent dose sensors.

Please do not panic if there are indications of increased radiation during this period.

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