New equipment for Chernobyl Zone fire crews

New equipment for Chernobyl Zone fire crews

On the Day of honoring the liquidators of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the fire service here has received new fire equipment.

Beside the Memorial Complex “Wormwood Star” in Chernobyl, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Roman Abramovsky solemnly handed the keys of 13 new cars to the fire fighters. The fleet of the enterprise was replenished with 3 fire machines, 2 crew buses and 8 forest patrol cars equipped with fire equipment.

The event was attended by the head of the State Exclusion Zone Management Agency Sergey Kalashnik. He also congratulated the fire service. The Government decided to allocate nearly 90 million from the State Budget reserve fund to prevent fire situations in the exclusion zone.

According to Roman Abramovsky, now Mindovkillia together with the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Management are working on the development of a State Program for combating landscape fires in the exclusion zone. In the context of this program, not only the provision of fire remedies, but also the construction of fire reservoirs for the operational extinguishing of fire clusters.

In the spring, the exclusion zone was greatly affected by large-scale fires. The fire covered more than 67 thousand hectares. To ensure timely and effective actions in fighting fires, the Government has allocated funds for fire equipment, vehicles and work clothes for specialists fighting fires.

Roman Abramovsky (Minister of Environment and Natural Resources)
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