Completion of “hot” tests at ISF-2 in Chernobyl

Completion of “hot” tests at ISF-2 in Chernobyl

The “hot” tests at ISF-2 site were completed on 17 December 2020.

During the “hot” testing, ChNPP personnel performed all activities specified by the ISF-2 Commissioning Programme, namely:

  • Transportation of 22 transfer baskets with spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from ISF-1 to ISF-2;
  • Receiving of 186 spent fuel assemblies (SFAs) at ISF-2;
  • Cutting of 186 SFAs into fuel bundles, and placement of 372 fuel tubes with these fuel bundles into two double-walled canisters (DWCs);
  • Placement of two DWCs, filled with SNF, into the concrete storage modules for long-term storage over the course of 100 years;
  • Management of the “hot” cell’s solid radioactive waste;
  • Assessment of the biological shielding structures performance.

All main and auxiliary process schemes were involved into the “hot” testing at the ISF-2. The test deliverables are under preparation now.


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