[UPDATED] Ukraine will not close borders with UK despite new Covid fears, but imposes new requirements

[UPDATED] Ukraine will not close borders with UK despite new Covid fears, but imposes new requirements

Ukraine has not closed its borders to UK citizens, but has imposed new requirements following the discovery of a new mutant type of the virus.

“We recommend everyone to refrain from optional trips to the UK, as well as from there to Ukraine. Also, if possible, refrain from traveling to Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia, where there are already cases of circulation of this mutation in the coronavirus.”

Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko

According to Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko, Ukraine will not yet ban entry from Britain, but have introduced a number of restrictions for those who come from there:

  • they have a health insurance policy that covers coronavirus treatment (for foreigners);
  • have a negative PCR test made no later than 48 hours before crossing the border;
  • in the absence of the test to go for 14 days of self-isolation with the application “Action at home”.

According to Acting Director General of the Center for Public Health Igor Kuzin, test systems used in Ukraine can detect all known strains of coronavirus, and the new UK strain has not yet reached Ukraine.

“Currently, 12,000 mutations in the coronavirus genome have been registered, and all of them are correctly identified by test systems used in Ukraine. At the beginning of the pandemic, on the recommendation of the WHO, we began and continue to use test systems genome, “he said.

Cousin stressed that there is no evidence that the new strain causes a more severe course of the disease or increased mortality. At the same time, this variant is more quickly transmitted from person to person and it is more common in people under the age of 60, who are less likely to develop severe symptoms.

Infrastructure Minister Krykliy did not support the general hysteria over the covid mutation. He said that it makes no sense to close flights with the UK, because there are not so many passengers due to the visa regime between Ukraine and the UK.

Flights are now being carried out mostly for the return of Ukrainians from studying from abroad home for Christmas holidays.

He said that he will monitor the situation with COVID-19 in the UK and will change this decision if necessary.

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