Hope for Ryanair flights to resume later this year

Hope for Ryanair flights to resume later this year

Following the cancellation of all Ryanair flights from the UK to Ukraine and other destinations, Eddie Wilson (CEO of Ryanair) has revealed the airlines plans to re-start UK routes to non-EU destinations.

The current plans revolve around new aircraft deliveries of the 737 MAX being registered in the UK, enabling Ryanair UK to operate flights.

Eddie Wilson said when asked if Ryanair would fly the MAX aircraft this summer, “Yes, we will. We will be taking delivery and deploying those probably initially in the UK.”

The governmental problem currently is that Ryanair UK has just one aircraft, and for other services is “overly-reliant” on wet-leasing (renting an aircraft and crew) from other European subsidiaries of Ryanair. Ryanair has a total of 470 aircraft in service.

The airline is taking delivery of a total of 210 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the first were ordered in 2014, with further aircraft added in 2017, 2018 and 2020. Ryanair is the launch customer of the super-high-capacity 737-MAX 8 variant with almost 200 seats.

The first 30 Boeing 737-MAX 8 aircraft are due to be delivered to Ryanair in the Summer, as yet it is unknown how many will be based in the UK.

“As soon as the COVID-19 virus recedes (…) Ryanair and our partner airports across Europe will – with these environmentally efficient aircraft – rapidly restore flights and schedules, recover lost traffic and help the nations of Europe recover their tourism industries,” 

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