The ex-director of the Chernobyl plant faces 15 years in prison

The ex-director of the Chernobyl plant faces 15 years in prison

According to the prosecutor’s office, the actions of the official led to the onset of grave consequences.

The ex-director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant faces 15 years in prison: the case was brought to court.

An indictment was sent to the court against the former head of the State Specialized Enterprise “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant” and the director of one of the limited liability companies.

According to the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General, they are accused of illegal handling of radioactive materials.

The investigation established that in July 2019, while working as the head of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the accused announced an auction for the sale of more than 500 tons of radioactively contaminated state scrap metal, having previously estimated it at 1,000uah per ton, which is significantly lower than the initial cost.

According to the conclusion of the forensic economic examination, the state suffered material damage in the amount of over 2.75 million uah.

In addition, one of the most important requirements for the auction participants was the availability of a special permit from the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone that gives the right to carry out commercial activities within the exclusion zone.

The winner of the procurement was the LLC, which did not have the necessary licenses and permits. The society only had an agreement signed in March 2019 with the nuclear power plant, which allows the society to conduct a free test on the decontamination of radioactively contaminated scrap metal using laser technologies on the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

This company does not have any production facilities, laser installations and technologies, the necessary qualified personnel and places to carry out the declared tests for the disinfection of scrap metal. In addition, the LLC also did not have the documents provided for by law for working with this category of hazardous materials.

The suspects are charged with part 3 of article 265 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which provides for punishment up to 15 years in prison.

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