Pripyat is now 51 years old – let’s look at some numbers

Pripyat is now 51 years old – let’s look at some numbers

Today is the 51st birthday of Pripyat – a once model city of the Soviet Union, a place that was used as an example to the rest of the Soviet Union and the world to show what a wonderful country the USSR was.

We all know the story of how Pripyat became what it is now, so I thought we can let some numbers do the talking to mark this event.


Total population: 49,400
Houses: 160
Apartments: 13,414
Hostels for Bachelors: 18 buildings with 7621 apartments
Family Hostels: 8
Hotel Rooms: 1,206
Note: 9 apartment blocks (324 apartments) were used as hostels for bachelors


Kindergartens: 15 buildings for 4980 children
Schools: 5 buildings for 6786 students


Stores: 25 shops with 9239 square meters commercial space
Dining Establishments: 27 dining rooms, cafes and restaurants with 5535 total seats
Warehouse accommodation for 4,430 tons of goods


Palace of Culture “Energetik”
Prometheus Cinema with 1220 seats
1 park
35 children’s play areas
18,136 trees
249,247 bushes
33,000 rose bushes


10 sports halls
3 fishing ponds
10 shooting ranges
2 stadiums
3 swimming pools


4 enterprises with a total volume for production of 477 million rubles


6 primary construction and installation organizations performing construction and installation work for 132.3 million rubles.


Railway station Yanov and 3 transport enterprises: motor transport enterprise № 31015, TPO of the administration for building, the motor transport combine of Chernobyl AES with the total number of transport units 533, including 167 buses


Urban Communication Center with 2926 telephone numbers
In addition – 1950 numbers of departmental stations of automatic telephone exchange of the Construction Directorate, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and the Jupiter plant.

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