Chernobyl NPP hosts training for nuclear waste equipment

Chernobyl NPP hosts training for nuclear waste equipment

On February 8th, a three week training course started at Chernobyl NPP on “Maintenance of the Wälischmiller arm, the ZDAZ press, and the KAISER compressor”. The course is being provided by experts of the Belgian company ENGIE SOLUTIONS, and is financed from the governmental fund of Belgium.

The above mentioned equipment which is the objective of the training course is installed at the Industrial Complex for Solid Radioactive Waste Management (ICSRM) – the facility intended for acceptance, processing and/or disposal of solid radioactive waste generated from ChNPP operation and decommissioning.

The course consists of several training sessions, including theory and practice, given to ChNPP staff, covering the issues of operation, maintenance and repair of the above mentioned equipment: hydraulic press, pneumatic compressor, and a manipulator arm.

Let us remind that similar trainings were provided to ChNPP staff regarding other pieces of the ICSRM equipment in previous years. The cooperation of Chernobyl NPP with Belgian companies started in 2016 in the framework of the Memorandum on Technical Cooperation with the Belgoprocess Company, which provided for joint works in the area of quality management, review and preparation of the Risk Analysis Report for the ChNPP’s “Radioactive Waste Management Programme”.

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