Illegal visitors to Chernobyl detained by Border Guards

Illegal visitors to Chernobyl detained by Border Guards

Two citizens of Ukraine who illegally entered the exclusion zone were found yesterday by border guards of the Ivankiv department of the Zhytomyr detachment together with the National Police.

The residents of Chernivtsi and Vasylkiv decided to enter the resettled area for the purpose of extreme tourism and recreation.

The two men, on foot, violating the established regime rules, crossed the rear border of the exclusion zone and unconditional (compulsory) resettlement and went to the depths of the forbidden territory. However, they were soon discovered and detained by police.

With the offenders in custody, administrative protocols were drawn up under Art. 46-1 “Violation of requirements of a mode of radiation safety in the areas which have undergone radiation pollution”, decisions on which will be made by the court.

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