Ryanair resume flights from the UK to Kyiv

Ryanair resume flights from the UK to Kyiv

Ryanair will finally resume flights to Kyiv on 2nd April, running from London Stansted only.

Flights will run on Fridays only until 2nd July. From 2nd July they will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the end of October. The schedule after 29th October is currently being finalised.

There is no news on UK-Ukraine flights from Manchester or Lviv.

This is a positive development though, Ryanair are one of the most popular choices of airline for people flying from the UK and there were fears that they would drop the routes from the UK to non-EU destinations as a result of Brexit.

The problems first came to light in December, days before the UK departed the European Union. Ryanair had problems with their paperwork to operate from the UK to non-EU destinations and cancelled peoples flights with just hours notice.

At first, they cancelled 10 days worth of flights. They then extended this indefinitely on the 7th of January.

A Ryanair spokesperson said at the time “Ryanair UK had agreed Brexit contingency arrangements with the CAA 2 years ago and cannot comply with its new and impractical requirements at 10 days’ notice.

The governmental problem was that Ryanair UK had just one aircraft, and for other services is “overly-reliant” on wet-leasing (renting an aircraft and crew) from other European subsidiaries of Ryanair. Ryanair has a total of 470 aircraft in service.

It is suspected , but not confirmed, that these flights will be using UK registered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft dubbed “737-8200”

The airline is taking delivery of a total of 210 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the first were ordered in 2014, with further aircraft added in 2017, 2018 and 2020. Ryanair is the launch customer of the super-high-capacity 737-MAX 8 variant with almost 200 seats.

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