Chernobyl Plant resumes special Covid working strategy

Chernobyl Plant resumes special Covid working strategy

The ChNPP Administration have made the decision to switch the plant staff to a special working time pattern from March 25 until April 4 2021.

Only operational personnel who maintain the nuclear and radiation safety of the site or security of its facilities, and the personnel associated with life-support of SSE ChNPP facilities, will remain at their workplaces.

Tours inside the powerplant are unavailable at this time and until 8th April, but tours to the zone are still going ahead as planned.

As of 25 February 2021 (15:00) there had been 319 COVID-19 disease cases were confirmed among the SSE ChNPP staff since the start of the pandemic.

Among them:

  • 311 persons were discharged recovered;
  • 7 persons are under ambulatory treatment;
  • 1 person passed away.

Among the staff, staff no contact was identified with persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 by PCR test.

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