You can use a Ukrainian e-passport at the Chernobyl checkpoints

You can use a Ukrainian e-passport at the Chernobyl checkpoints

Checkpoints to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone have been added to the list of places where it is possible to use an e-passport through the “Action” application instead of paper documents.

In the year of the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy, the Ukrainian state, and in particular the Kyiv region authorities, is taking a number of measures to improve infrastructure, provide social services and administrative services for anyone wishing to visit the site of the 1986 catastrophe before the Chernobyl anniversary.

Therefore, during the mandatory checkpoint inspections within the Chernobyl zone, Ukrainians will now be able to use not only paper but also electronic documents.

How does it work? 

Upon arrival at the checkpoints, the citizen must open the application on the smartphone and show the screen for reading the QR-code. After that, they will be allowed to visit the exclusion zone [adding that the permit itself is obtained in advance within the current legislation] said Denis Shugaliy, Deputy Head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

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