Summary of the weekends arrests in Chernobyl (there were many)

Summary of the weekends arrests in Chernobyl (there were many)

It’s been a busy weekend for the security services in Chernobyl; here is a summary of what has happened:

During patrol, employees of the Vyshgorod district police department jointly with the employees of the State Border Service found near the City of Pripyat 4 young men who infiltrated the territory of the Chernobyl Zone in order to experience extreme tourism bypassing checkpoints.

The age of young men from 22 to 25 years. All of them are from different parts of Ukraine. Two guys are residents of Kharkiv region, the other two offenders from the city of Dnipro and Volyn region.

Regarding violators, police have drawn up protocols for the century. 46-1 (Violation of radiation safety requirements in the areas that have suffered radioactive pollution) Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses. Administrative materials are sent to court to make a decision.

A young man from Lugansk was discovered in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

A resident of Lugansk, who infiltrated the exclusion zone outside control posts, was discovered last night border guards of the Zhytomyr Squad together with the National Police.

In the course of the implementation of operational information, a joint outfit near Checkpoint Dytiatky detained a young man who intended to disrupt the radiation safety regime of the detached territory.

As it turns out, a 19-year-old young man arrived from temporarily occupied territory and decided to illegally visit the Chernobyl Zone.

Police officers have drawn up an administrative protocol under the century on the offender 46-1 KUPAP ′′ Violation of radiation safety requirements in areas that have suffered radiation pollution “, the court will make a decision.

In the village of Poliske, police found a man who was trying to move a homemade wheelbarrow outside the area of ​​radioactive contamination without a legal permit and dosimetric control of ferrous scrap weighing approximately 30 kg.

The violator was a 35-year-old resident of Kyiv region.

On this fact the question concerning opening of criminal proceedings according to Art. 267-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Violation of requirements of the radiation safety mode”. The sanction of the article provides for a fine or restriction of liberty for a term of one to three years, or imprisonment for the same term.

Also, while patrolling the radioactive contamination zone near the resettled village of Lyubyanka, police found two men who illegally entered bicycles in the restricted area by passing checkpoints. 

The violators were residents of Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions aged 17 and 54. They have previously been prosecuted for such actions.

On this fact criminal proceedings under p. 3 of Art. 267-1 (Violation of radiation safety requirements) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The sanction of the article provides for a fine or restriction of liberty for a term of one to three years, or imprisonment for the same term.

In addition, for unauthorized entry into the exclusion zone, police officers drew up administrative reports under Art. 46-1 “Violation of the requirements of the radiation safety regime in areas exposed to radioactive contamination” of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. They were sent to court for a decision.

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