Forest fire training took place in Chernobyl

Forest fire training took place in Chernobyl

On April 8, tactical and special exercises on extinguishing forest fires took place on the territory of the exclusion zone. To avoid mass fires, rescuers and all involved institutions are carrying out comprehensive work to prevent various emergencies, as well as check the readiness of units to act as intended.

The actions of the participants of the tactical exercises were observed by the Deputy Chairman of DAZV Andriy Plyatsko, the head of the Department for Ensuring the Barrier Function of ZV, Nature Reserve Fund, RB OP and CZ DAZV of Ukraine Mykhailo Baitala led the complex interaction of all units.

According to a tactical legend, the control point of the Northern Forest Pushcha received a report from the fire watchtower about a fire in the area of ​​Korogodsky forestry. The fire spread along the edge of the forest towards the main mass of former agricultural lands. Units of the Forest Fire Station “Repair and Transport Section” of SSE “Northern Pushcha” and 11 DPRZ arrived at the scene of the call. Additional forces are called. Rescuers of LPS “Parishiv” arrived. The tractor infuriates the perimeter of the fire to speed up its localization. Specialists of SSE “Ecocenter” carry out work related to the analysis of radiation pollution of air and soil and organize the issuance and delivery of individual dosimeters. Specialists from the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve are also at the scene.

Automobile tanks delivered additional reserve water supplies to the place of extinguishing.

During the conditional extinguishing, the actions in case of providing medical care to the victims were worked out.
Thanks to the efforts of firefighters and coordinated actions of all participants of the event, the conditional fire was localized and eliminated over the entire area of ​​3.6 hectares. At the end of the event, Andriy Plyatsko, Deputy Chairman of DAZV, thanked all participants of the tactical and special exercises and stressed that the training was successful, and such trainings not only help to work out the procedure in case of emergency, but also allow to verify the working condition of fire equipment and other means.

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