Russian version of “Chernobyl” premiered in Moscow and is now available

Russian version of “Chernobyl” premiered in Moscow and is now available

In the cinema “КАРО 11 Октябрь”, the premiere of Russian action-drama “Chernobyl” directed by Daniel Kozlowski took place.

The film was presented by actors – performers of the main roles – Oksana Akinshina, Ravshana Kurkova, Philip Avdeev, Igor Chernevich; producers Alexander Rodnyansky and Sergey Melkumov; director, producer and leading actor Danila Kozlovsky, as well as a large film crew of the film.

Alexey Karpushin – an ordinary young Soviet guy, a firefighter in Pripyat, who for the first time begins to make plans longer than a weekend or vacation – he falls in love with the hairdresser Olya. In the past, they already had a relationship, but then Alexei missed his chance. Now Olya has a little son, Lesha, but Alexei intends never to repeat his previous mistakes: he confesses his feelings to Olya, and together they plan to move to the sea.

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant endangers the dream of Alexei and the lives of all those who are dear to him. The explosion of the reactor threatens death not only for thousands of people who find themselves in the zone of radiation damage: a second explosion is possible, the catastrophic consequences of which can be disproportionately greater. Alexey is sent to extinguish the fire, and then submerges under a nuclear reactor to release water from the tank and thereby prevent another powerful explosion.

The film “Chernobyl” is a piercing story of great love, tragically unfolding against the background of the terrible events of 1986, the story of a huge human drama of an ordinary person, not a hero at all, who, without realizing it, performs a feat.

The movie is in Russian cinemas from today, April 15th. 

Last year, we announced the distribution rights have been sold to an American company, Capelight Pictures.

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