Duga has been added to the Ukrainian State Register of Immovable Monuments

Duga has been added to the Ukrainian State Register of Immovable Monuments

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine entered the previously classified over-the-horizon radar station Duga in Chernobyl into the state register of immovable monuments.

This was announced by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Alexander Tkachenko.

According to him, this decision will allow preserving the Arc for future generations and will increase the chances of the Chornobyl exclusion zone being included in the UNESCO list.

“The MKIP team initiated the entry of the Duga into the state register for its further preservation. Unfortunately, over time, the facilities located in the Chernobyl zone are gradually being destroyed. If you do not take any measures, the zone will be devastated over the years. This cannot be allowed, because our heritage is not only the area around the power plant. And the buildings located on its territory”

Alexander Tkachenko

In the future, it is planned to include other objects of the Chernobyl zone in the list of immovable monuments of Ukraine.

This is something that has been worked towards for a very long time, by a very long list of people. It is a step in the right direction of considering Chernobyl a unique place on our planet, and not simply a radioactive wasteland with some metal and other resources that can be sold.

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