Former residents planted roses in Pripyat

Former residents planted roses in Pripyat

On April 26, as part of an action dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the accident, former residents of Pripyat planted more than 200 rose bushes.

Most of them were planted in Slavutych, and a smaller part – the symbolic 35 bushes purchased by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant – were planted in Pripyat near the Energetik House of Culture.

Roses of several varieties were chosen, which next year will be a bright decoration of the former city of power engineers and a symbol of revival, which is this flower. And this is a mention of the unofficial status of Pripyat – the “city of roses”, as at one time was planted as many as 33 thousand bushes of these beautiful flowers.

At the end of the event, guests had the opportunity to visit their former apartments and did not hide their warm nostalgic feelings from their stay in their hometown.

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