Foreign illegal visitors to Chernobyl arrested, from USA, Great Britain and Lithuania

Foreign illegal visitors to Chernobyl arrested, from USA, Great Britain and Lithuania

During the May weekend, while patrolling the Chernobyl zone near the resettled areas of Chernobyl, Pripyat, and Lubyanka, law enforcement officers found 12 violators who illegally entered the exclusion zone bypassing checkpoints.  

It was established that among the illegal tourists 3 foreigners from the USA, Great Britain and Lithuania, and the rest of the violators came from different parts of Ukraine. The oldest of them is 31 years old, and the youngest is 19. 

With regard to all violators, the police drew up reports under Art. 46-1 (Violation of the requirements of the radiation safety regime in areas that have been radioactively contaminated) of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. Violators face a fine of 20 to 30 tax-free minimum incomes.
Administrative materials were sent to the court for a decision. 

With regard to foreign citizens, an application is being prepared to the LCA to reduce the length of stay in Ukraine.

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