Illegal fish poachers were detained in Chernobyl

Illegal fish poachers were detained in Chernobyl

Two border guards of the Mlachivka department, together with the National Police, found two residents of Kyiv region who were engaged in poaching inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with the help of prohibited fishing gear.

The “Fishermen”, as it turned out, were local residents of the border area, and they illegally entered the forbidden territory. The law enforcement officers who detained them said that they had already caught more than two dozen fish of various different species.

Currently, administrative protocols have been drawn up against the men for violating the requirements of the radiation safety regime in the area that was exposed to radioactive contamination. Fish, gill nets and a rubber boat were seized by police.

The men are being prosecuted both for being in Chernobyl illegally, and for criminal offenses under Art. 249 “Illegal employment in fish, animal or other water extractive industry” of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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