Vodafone Ukraine and Aeroizvidka NGO to install video surveillance system in Chornobyl Reserve

Vodafone Ukraine and Aeroizvidka NGO to install video surveillance system in Chornobyl Reserve

The mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine, the public organization Aeroizvidka and the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

As reported on the website of the mobile operator on Monday, the purpose of the initiative is to deploy a system of situational awareness within the reserve.

The first stage of cooperation between the partners will be the deployment of a pilot project “Radagast”, which will provide uninterrupted video surveillance of the Pripyat River and coastal areas. Surveillance will be carried out with a viewing angle of up to 300º, the possibility of optical approach to x42 and the use of artificial intelligence.

The purpose of the Radagast project is to check the effectiveness of technical solutions and test equipment for compatibility and compliance with technical requirements.

“The results obtained in the process of its implementation will help to choose the best options for scaling the project and creating a multifunctional branched monitoring system,” the statement said.

The monitoring system will cover the waters of rivers, coasts, large areas of land. This will allow the competent services to respond quickly to forest fires, the actions and movements of offenders. And scientists working in the reserve will receive new tools and opportunities to study the phenomena of flora and fauna.

Surveillance of the territory of the Chornobyl Reserve will be carried out with the help of modern means of surveillance – video cameras, thermal imagers, acoustic and seismic sensors. Uninterrupted data transmission will be implemented on the basis of 4G network “Vodafone Ukraine”.

As reported, high-speed mobile Internet from “Vodafone Ukraine” appeared in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in 2016 after the launch of the base station of the 3G network in Pripyat. Deployment of the operator’s 4G network began in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in November 2018.

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