Guards have arrested German and Polish citizens in Chernobyl


Implementing the information provided in advance from the border guards of the Ivankiv department of the Zhytomyr detachment, law enforcement officers found two foreigners near the resettled city of Pripyat.

Citizens of Germany and Poland illegally, outside the checkpoints, entered the forbidden territory for the purpose of extreme tourism and recreation. As it turned out later, the men arrived on the territory of Ukraine through the largest “aviation gate” of our state – the checkpoint at “Boryspil” airport.

Police officers drew up reports on the foreigners for violating the requirements of Art. 46-1 КУпАП “Violation of requirements of a mode of radiation safety in the areas which have undergone radioactive contamination” the decision on which the court will make.

The issue of reducing the length of stay of the EU citizens on the territory of Ukraine is being resolved. They risk being blacklisted so they can not re-enter the country in future.

Employees of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine together with the National Police continue to take a set of measures to identify violators of radiation safety requirements in the ChNPP zone.

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