Cabinet dismissed the head of the Agency for the management of the Exclusion Zone after six months of work

The Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Serhiy Kostyuk from the post of chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone. The corresponding decision was made by the government at a meeting on July 7 2021.

By another decision, the Cabinet of Ministers temporarily assigned the duties of the head of the State Agency to the head of the department of architecture, capital construction, property management, work on investment projects and land relations of the State Agency of the Exclusion Zone Yevgeny Kramarenko.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Serhiy Kostyuk as the chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone on February 24, 2021.

In 2019-2020, Kostyuk headed the State Specialized Enterprise Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management, before that in 2018 he headed the Chernobyl Special Plant.

In 2014, Sergei Kostyuk headed the board of Ukrgazvydobuvannya. In December of the same year, the SBU detained Kostyuk in the case of selling liquefied gas to Vogue Trading at a reduced price, which caused losses to the state in the amount of over 23 million hryvnias.

However, the courts acquitted Kostyuk, noting that the state prosecution did not prove the suspect’s personal interest and selfish motives in the sale of fuel at a lower price.

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