A new coin in Ukraine features wild horses from Chernobyl

A new coin in Ukraine features wild horses from Chernobyl

On July 29, the National Bank enters into circulation a coin with the image of Przewalski’s horses living in the Chornobyl zone

The coin is dedicated to the symbol of the revival of wildlife, the iconic animal of the reserve – Przewalski’s horse – the only existing species of wild horses that has survived to this day in its original form, and which is listed in the International Red Book with conservation status “on the verge of extinction”.
The coin begins a series of coins “Chernobyl. Renaissance”.

“Paradoxically, a man-made catastrophe gave nature a unique chance for revival, which it took full advantage of. In 2016, the largest and youngest object of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine – Chernobyl – was created on the territory affected by the Chernobyl accident radiation and ecological biosphere reserve. This area has become a kind of reserve for the reproduction of not only typical but also rare Red Book representatives of the living world, “the statement reads.

On the reverse side of the coin there is a small State Emblem of Ukraine, the face value of the coin is UAH 5. To the right of the coat of arms, in the center – a symbolic wheel of life, marking the revival of nature: a stylized international radiation sign, wrapped in leaves, around which animals whose populations develop in a 30-kilometer exclusion zone, became a breeding ground for storks, Przewalski’s horse, lynx, bison, elk, roe deer, etc; in a circle, on a mirror background inscriptions in Ukrainian and English – Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve; year of mintage – 2021, logo of the Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Authors of the coin: artist: Natalia Fandikova;
Sculptors: Anatoliy and Volodymyr Demyanenko.

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