The “Sounds of Chernobyl” project continues

The “Sounds of Chernobyl” project continues

The international music project “Sounds of Chernobyl”, which was attended by twelve artists and music groups, including foreign ones, will be continued. This year, six Ukrainian and foreign performers will present new songs for “Sounds of Chornobyl: Radiation”.

This means that in order to see everything with their own eyes and shoot music videos, new representatives of the music industry will come to the Chernobyl zone and their projects will include sounds recorded in the exclusion zone in 2018. The audio library was created by the artists of the art project Artefakt.

Artists will also shoot video blogs and live electronic performances in the format of youtube streams, with the addition of computer graphics. The guests will be liquidators and victims of the Chernobyl accident.

The main goal of the project is to remind that the exclusion zone should not become a zone of oblivion, using the most understandable language – the language of sounds. Each song will convey the unique sound of places that cannot be forgotten.

Art projects are part of the implementation of the national project “Magnet of Ukraine: Chernobyl”, which aims to develop tourism potential, research projects, attract investment and inform from a professional point of view aspects and importance of radiation safety. “Sounds of Chernobyl” is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management, the Center for Organizational, Technical and Information Support of UZV.

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