Buildings will be restored in Pripyat

Buildings will be restored in Pripyat

In 2021, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources will begin work on the renovation of the first three facilities in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The operational director of the project office Ilona Schneider announced this at the presentation of the renovation project.

Restoration work will begin at the Pripyat cafe, the bus station and a 16-storey building in Pripyat. This year it is planned to develop a building renovation project. Next year – construction and repair work.

Cafe “Pripyat” is famous for its stained glass windows. In particular, the renovation will affect them as well. It is planned to equip an observation deck on the roof of the 16-storey building. It is also planned to equip a museum in this house in the apartment of firefighter Lieutenant Vladimir Pravik. He was the head of the first fire brigade that arrived at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the accident. It is planned to combine the tourist and memorial complexes in the building.

In addition, this year a project will be finalised for the renovation of the checkpoint “Dityatki”, through which tourists enter the Exclusion Zone. Construction work is scheduled for 2022.

This year, UAH 30 million was allocated for the renovation of facilities in the Zone, said Advisor to the Minister of Ecology and Project Manager Lala Tarapakina. Work on three objects should be completed in 2022.

As early as next year, the start of renovation work is being considered at a number of other well-known objects. Among them are the Duga radar station, the Lazurny basin, the Polesie hotel.

They can also start work at the Prometheus cinema, the Energetik Palace of Culture and at the city’s river station. Some projects in Pripyat will be implemented with the involvement of investors, Tarapakina noted.

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