Beat-boxer Dub FX presented a new music video that was shot in the Chernobyl Zone

Beat-boxer Dub FX presented a new music video that was shot in the Chernobyl Zone

The composition is called “Fake Paradise”, it was created as part of the International Social Music Project “Sounds of Chernobyl”. The artist returned to Ukraine to perform at the White Nights festival on August 14.

Dub FX is known for once creating music just on the street, and people liked it so much that later the musician began to collect stadiums and headline festivals around the world. According to Benjamin himself, it was the video of the speech from Kyiv in 2009 that made him famous all over the world.

In 2019, Dub FX visited the exclusion zone as a participant in the project “Sounds of Chernobyl”, which is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The new song was created just on the way to the Exclusion Zone, to the unique beat with the Sounds of Chernobyl, the artist added the singing of the grandmothers of the Chernobyl region. He performed it live in a secret location – in a building known as the “Shelter of a lone dosimeter”, it contains all the things from the 86th year. This performance became the basis of the new video.

Benjamin Stanford, Dub FX: “I knew little about Chernobyl. I was only three years old when the accident happened. She went somewhere far away, in the Soviet Union. I did not know then that Ukraine existed. Now I saw what the Ukrainians faced, learned about their feat. I was very impressed by the trip, I will tell my grandchildren about it.”

In his performances, the Australian indie artist combines dubstep, hip-hop, reggae and important messages that relate to human nature and the environment. As a participant in “Sounds of Chernobyl” Dub FX demonstrates that electronic music is able to reveal the history of Pripyat and unite with the folk of the region. In his performance, the musician rethought his famous track “Fake Paradise” and dedicated it to Pripyat – a city that was a dream paradise for thousands of its inhabitants.

This year, as a continuation of the Sounds of Chernobyl project, new electronic musicians will create songs and perform live in the Exclusion Zone. We will be able to see their performances online thanks to the modern format of Youtube streams on the channel of the social music project, which with the help of music draws attention to rethinking the tragedy in Ukraine and the world.

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