Ukrainian National Guard starts operation in Chernobyl

Ukrainian National Guard starts operation in Chernobyl

The National Guard have joined forces with other agencies to protect law and order in the Chernobyl zone.

The servicemen of the association together with the National Police, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service and the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management will conduct a joint operation aimed at preventing fires, poaching and violating the forbidden territory.

“The personnel of the search team together with the border guards carry out operative-search actions to detect the illegal stay of persons in the restricted area. Every day we cover about 20 kilometers in search of the so-called “berry pickers”, “mushroom pickers”, “stalkers” and so on. And at night we set up observation posts, ”says the commander of the search group of a special detachment of the Northern General Staff of the National Medical University.

In addition, the guards of the First Presidential Brigade, together with the police, ensure compliance with the law at checkpoints.

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