Independence Day concert took place in Chernobyl

Independence Day concert took place in Chernobyl

Not only in Kyiv on Independence Day a festive concert took place, but also in Chernobyl

On the main stage of Chernobyl, not only professional singers, musicians and presenters performed, but employees of enterprises of the Chernobyl zone.

Live singing accompanied by musical instruments and negative phonograms. The main message that the artists conveyed to the audience – we, a bright, proud, brave singing nation, we – hospitable, generous, know how to love, but do not offend us – can give a decent rebuff, because we love our country. Ukraine is all of us together, in joys and worries, in real actions for the future of our Motherland.

Words of gratitude were heard from the stage to the defenders defending the East, the volunteers helping them and the medics protecting their lives.

A minute of silence commemorated all those who died defending the borders, freedom and independence of the country and each of us.

In the entertainment part, men were tested for strength, because a real Cossack must be not only brave, but also strong. Three daredevils lifted a weight, competing in the largest number of lifts.

In Ukraine, a man’s decoration is a mustache or beard, and girls and women – a long braid. During the concert program there were competitions for the best mustache and beard, and also the owner of the longest female hair was determined – it is Kateryna Sokurenko.

All winners received prizes.

There was a special energy in the hall. The audience actively supported the performers on stage and presenters.

On the map of Ukraine, which was in the lobby, everyone pasted stickers with wishes for Ukraine, their friends, relatives, colleagues.

During the concert we talked a bit with two of its participants. They answered the question “What does 30 years of Independence mean to you?”

Natalia Medvedeva:
For me, 30 years of Independence is not about history, because we, as a state, are actually several hundred years old. It is, first of all, about identifying ourselves as a nation, responsible, free and united, about the revival of “forgotten”, forbidden or deliberately distorted and a distorted history as it is. About the honor and heroism of modern patriots at the front and in the rear. About the desire to live and raise children in this country. “

Kostiantyn Udovenko: “I have two children, one 20 years old and the other 10. They were born and raised in independent Ukraine, they were not brought up in a regime where being as different as everyone else is a shame. Patriotism is not an empty concept for me and my family. We have mastered its meaning for 30 years, and as Scriabin sang, you are a country to yourself.
“It is not your fault that you are the father of your son
And your trouble is not being able to be him. “Ukraine begins with each of us.”

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