Spot the robot dog returns to Chernobyl

Spot the robot dog returns to Chernobyl

On 20 September, experts of the University of Bristol came again to the Chernobyl NPP site.

The purpose of their 3-day visit to the plant is to apply robotics equipment to evaluate radiation situation under the Chernobyl Exclusion zone conditions.

On 20-23 September, together with Chernobyl NPP staff and researchers of the Institute for NPP’s Safety Problems (Ukraine), experts of the University of Bristol are going to apply their research methods in the Main Building (“Golden Corridor”, and Reactor 4 Control Room), as well as in the space under the New Safe Confinement arch.

As explained by David Megson-Smith, one of the researchers of the University of Bristol, their team has worked a lot with the nuclear organizations in the United Kingdom but hasn’t ever worked in the environment as difficult as here at the ChNPP, which makes this site a unique platform for applying their R&D products.

One of the robots to be used within the research activities is the famous dog robot Spot by Boston Dynamics.

Spot is unique because he can navigate rough terrain (such as stones or debris), avoid obstacles, cruise over slopes and stairs, and get up after falling on his back. A special platform on its “back” for installing the equipment potentially allows using the robot to carry out remote radiation surveys.

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