Wizz Air will start 26 new routes to Ukraine

Wizz Air will start 26 new routes to Ukraine

After expanding the route network, the low-cost airline will have 117 destinations from Ukraine.

Hungarian airline Wizz Air has announced the upcoming large-scale expansion of its flight program to/from Ukraine – in 2022 it is planned to launch 23 new flights from four Ukrainian airports, 3 more destinations will open earlier in December 2021.

Wizz will start flights from Kyiv to Paris (Beauvais), Eindhoven, Brussels (Charleroi), Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Malaga, Port, Palma de Mallorca, Chania, Basel.

Flights from Lviv are planned to Madrid, Eindhoven, Paris (Beauvais), Barcelona, ​​Nice, Treviso, Brussels (Charleroi), Athens, Thessaloniki.

From Odessa – to London (Luton), Pardubice, Athens; from Kharkov – to Thessaloniki and Pardubice.

Flights from Kyiv to Paris, Eindhoven and Brussels will start in December 2021, the rest – in the spring and summer of 2022.

As noted in the airline, after the launch of new routes, Wizz Air will fly from Ukraine to 22 countries instead of the current 18. There will also be a total of 117 routes from our country.

“We expect the new routes to increase our passenger traffic from Ukraine by 120%,” said Robert Carey, President of Wizz Air.

List of announced flights:

Kyiv  – Paris (Beauvais) – from December 17, 2021, on Mondays and Fridays;

Kyiv – Eindhoven – from December 18, Tuesday, Saturday;

Kyiv – Brussels (Charleroi) – from December 19, Wednesday, Sunday;

Kyiv – Nice – from May 3, 2022, on Tuesdays, Saturdays;

Kyiv – Barcelona – from March 27, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays; from August 1 – daily;

Kyiv – Madrid – from May 3, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; from July 1 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday;

Kyiv – Alicante – from July 2, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday;

Kyiv – Malaga – from May 3, Monday, Friday; from July 3 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday;

Kyiv – Porto – from July 1, Monday, Friday;

Kyiv – Palma de Mallorca – from August 1, Monday, Friday;

Kyiv – Chania – from August 2, Tuesday, Saturday;

Kyiv – Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg – from August 1, Monday, Friday;

Lviv – Madrid – from March 27, on Thursdays and Sundays;

Lviv – Eindhoven – from March 27, on Thursdays and Sundays;

Lviv – Paris (Beauvais) – from March 28, Monday, Wednesday, Friday;

Lviv – Barcelona – from March 28, Monday, Friday; from June 1 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday;

Lviv – Nice – from June 1, Wednesday, Sunday;

Lviv – Treviso (Venice) – from June 2, Thursday, Sunday;

Lviv – Brussels (Charleroi) – from June 1, Wednesday, Friday;

Lviv – Athens – from June 4, Tuesday, Saturday;

Lviv – Thessaloniki – from June 2, Thursday, Sunday.

Odessa – London (Luton) – from March 27, on Thursdays and Sundays;

Odessa – Pardubice (Prague) – from July 2, Tuesday, Saturday;

Odessa – Athens – from July 2, Tuesday, Saturday;

Kharkiv- Thessaloniki – from March 29, Tuesday, Saturday;

Kharkiv – Pardubice – from June 2 – Thursday, Sunday.

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