Fire rescuers visited the self-settlers of the Chernobyl zone

Fire rescuers visited the self-settlers of the Chernobyl zone

Before each winter, rescuers set out to tell the villagers about safety.

Rescuers from Kyiv region raided the Chernobyl zone, which is home to hundreds of other so-called settlers. These are people who returned to their homes shortly after the nuclear disaster and evacuation.

They start from the city of Chernobyl. Rescuers tried to tell the owner Mikhail Pavlovich about fire safety, but at once, he decided to take matters into his own hands: first he told about his life, then about Chernobyl and even sang a song for his visitors. 

The rescuer says that they will check now that the residents have enough firewood.

“Attention is paid to cleaning the chimneys, as well as fire-fighting distances from the furnace to combustible objects,” explains senior inspector Volodymyr Budnyk. 

Mr. Mykhailo sees shortcomings, but he immediately explains that he does not leave fire unattended, but puts a chair and sits next to the fire.

30 kilometers from Chernobyl in the village of Kupovate lives a famous Baba Ganya in the area – that’s what she calls herself, and that’s what those who work in Chernobyl call her. From the doorstep, a woman, who is almost 90 years old, asks not for the stove, but for the table and tells who comes to her, what products she brings.

Her neighbor, Ms. Marusya, is 80. She has the same problem as Baba Ghana – she doesn’t have a metal sheet so that the frying pans fall on it and not on the floor. 

Before leaving, Ms. Marusya measures her blood pressure and asks about her health. There are currently 95 self-settled people living in the exclusion zone, and fortunately, rescuers say, there have been no fires in their homes in recent years, as they say they listen to advice.

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