A horror film about Chernobyl is being shot in Kyiv (TRAILER)

A horror film about Chernobyl is being shot in Kyiv (TRAILER)

An Ukrainian English-language horror film about Chernobyl, “The Chernobyl Fallout”, is being shot in Kyiv by director Vasyl Moskalenko. Among the star cast of the film are British actress Chloé Booyens (“Cruella” – Walt Disney), Ukrainian Ksenia Mishina, Rob Feldman and others.

The creators of the picture speak of “The Chernobyl Fallout” as the first Ukrainian social horror. The original script for the film, written by director Vasyl Moskalenko, was adapted by Hollywood screenwriter Mike Mackie (“Cop”, “Detective”, “CSI: Miami”, “Family Times”). The film is made in English, as it is originally planned to be released internationally. The world and Ukrainian premieres will take place simultaneously. The approximate time of the film’s release is autumn 2022.

“In The Chernobyl Fallout, we raise one of Ukraine’s most important issues: the Chernobyl accident and its aftermath,” says director Vasyl Moskalenko. – The catastrophe changed many destinies, affected the course of world history. With the help of popular cinema, I want to once again draw the attention of viewers to the problem of the consequences of the Chernobyl explosion.

Starring Ukrainian film and TV star Ksenia Mishina, Ukrainian theater and film actor Rob Feldman (“Killing Eve”, “The Last Step”, “Nelson”), British actress Chloé Booyens, (“Cruella”, “Kingsman”), Oleg Drach (“The Death of Stalin”, “Price of Truth”), Kira Podolskaya (“Fortress”). The main male role is played by the film’s director, Vasyl Moskalenko.

British actress Chloé Booyens reportedly spent ten days in the Ukrainian capital. During this time she managed to fall in love with borsch and learn a hundred Ukrainian words. However, she did not learn to pronounce the name of her film partner, Ksenia Mishina, correctly.

According to the plot provided: A scientist from Great Britain disappears in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone under mysterious circumstances. His sister Olivia arrives in Ukraine and travels to the ghost town of Pripyat in search of her brother. Olivia stays at the Chernobyl Hotel. In the room where her brother lived, she finds mysterious records he made on the eve of his disappearance…

The hotel administrator Anastasia (Ksenia Mishina) advises Olivia to seek help from parapsychologist Serhiy, who is studying anomalous phenomena in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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