Military training took place in Chernobyl & Pripyat (PHOTOS)

Military training took place in Chernobyl & Pripyat (PHOTOS)

Every year there are a number of training exercises that take place in the Chernobyl Zone for different departments, over recent years the National Guard of Ukraine have often used Pripyat as a training ground.

The event today was organised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Guard of Ukraine, National Police of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the exclusion zone.

During the exercises, the coordination of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the implementation of tasks on the defense of the settlement, tactics of hostilities in urban areas and the elimination of their consequences were being tested.

The training was held as correctly and tactfully as possible, taking into account the venue and understanding of the uniqueness of the territory. The event was attended by ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of partner countries and the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, NMU, NPU, SES.

“The studies have confirmed the cohesion and interaction of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system, including the specifications of the work of each unit in the most difficult situations to overcome various dangers,” – Dennis Monastirsky said.

Working together, in particular, with air support, a group of snipers conducted street combat and destroyed a retreating opponent. The storming of the building has been working separately.

The final stages of the training were the provision of first aid, the evacuation of the wounded and the clearing of the settlement from Minno explosives and the elimination of the consequences of combat.

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