Proof of Russians stockpiling ammunition in Chornobyl

Proof of Russians stockpiling ammunition in Chornobyl

The Russian Federation and its numerous agents in international organizations deny the transportation and accumulation of huge amounts of ammunition by Russian troops in the immediate vicinity of the Chernobyl isolation facilities, which could at any time lead to unauthorized detonation of ammunition, damage to shelter, damage to radiation and radiation contamination in the areas with hundreds of millions of Europeans.

As in most other cases, the Russian Federation and its proxies are brazenly lying. In order to refute this lie, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is distributing satellite images taken a few days ago, which clearly show the movement of a large convoy of Russian military trucks with ammunition a few hundred meters from Chernobyl and the place of unloading of ammunition outdoors.

It is clear that the use of the Chornobyl zone for the transportation and accumulation of ammunition, as well as the deployment of command posts of Russian troops is carried out deliberately, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine can not and are not going to conduct any hostilities in the exclusion zone. At the same time, we emphasize once again that the risk of self-detonation of these munitions is high and without combat operations, due to the low level of ammunition handling culture in the Russian Armed Forces, as well as the widespread use of old and substandard ammunition. Such incidents occur in Russian warehouses and arsenals regularly and in peacetime, which is well known.

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