Return to Chernobyl: Part 2

Return to Chernobyl: Part 2

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was been under Russian occupation for 36 days, and during these days the “liberators” managed to free the enterprises of the zone from valuable equipment, personal belongings of workers, and turn the streets of Chernobyl into illustrations from films about the post-apocalypse.

“Rubbish and metal are being removed from roads and mines are being cleared, which have been left behind by the racists.”

Representatives of the State Agency were the first to go to the exclusion zone. Yevhen Kramarenko, Deputy Chairman of DAZV Maksym Shevchuk, Director of DSP Ecocenter Serhiy Kireev and Advisor to the Chairman of DAZV Volodymyr Khalay saw the remnants of the life of the Liberals.

Thank you to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for waving the Ukrainian flag over the Chornobyl zone! Thank you for your courage and endurance to the employees of the enterprises that were under occupation in the zone and performed their work, risking their lives!

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Contamination Zone is a group of people who are united by our love for the Chernobyl Zone. We are a non-profit organisation and every year we raise thousands of euros for good causes in the Chernobyl Zone, such as firefighting equipment, monument restoration, animal welfare and more.

If you are planning or thinking about a trip to the zone, please check out our trips, or our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have unanswered questions, contact us below!

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