Return to the Chornobyl zone. Part 1.

Return to the Chornobyl zone. Part 1.

Thanks to our Armed Forces and defenders of Ukraine, it is now possible to return to the previously temporarily occupied territories of our country. Including the Chornobyl zone.

It will be recalled that on the first day of the full-scale Russian invasion, a large part of the exclusion zone was occupied, and very active and large-scale hostilities took place in several areas. Many racist equipment passed through Chernobyl, many hundreds of units. In the first and second weeks after February 24, 2022, not only the zone, but also the surrounding settlements were occupied and cut off from communications, aid, electricity and food. Constant shelling, destruction, pressure on the population and killings. Many employees of the Chornobyl zone enterprises found themselves in their occupied homes after the urgent evacuation from the enterprises.

Unfortunately, we are already stating that there are bitter losses among the staff, but we will write about this separately when it will be possible to check the condition of each person, out of almost 6,000 working at DAZV enterprises. Probably during the week we will inform …

But now, despite the difficult and important limitations of the curfew in Kyiv region, the lack of regular connections, bridges, roads – we went to the Exclusion Zone, especially to the few employees who were forced to stay in the zone, and to review the Chernobyl zone. . Yevhen Kramarenko, the head of DAZV, Maksym Shevchuk, the deputy head of DAZV, Serhiy Kireev, the director of DSP Ecocenter, and Volodymyr Khalay, an adviser to DAZV chairman, were the first to leave Chernobyl from Kyiv.

For now, here are some photos of the first part of the trip, and in the near future we will provide information and media from the main objects of the enterprises.

We are already seeing how crossings are being set up, garbage and metal are being removed from the roads, and mines are being cleared, which have been left behind by the racists. The danger of relocation is still very high, and in the next week or so it will remain so, but life is back! ..

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Since you’re here…

Contamination Zone is a group of people who are united by our love for the Chernobyl Zone. We are a non-profit organisation and every year we raise thousands of euros for good causes in the Chernobyl Zone, such as firefighting equipment, monument restoration, animal welfare and more.

If you are planning or thinking about a trip to the zone, please check out our trips to Ukraine in 2023 and if you still have unanswered questions, feel free to get in touch!

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