Photos of Russian trenches in Red Forest and further destruction

Photos of Russian trenches in Red Forest and further destruction

Getting over the ruined bridge over the Uzh River, between the Dytyatky checkpoint and Chernobyl, was difficult. But we got there, met people – soldiers of the Armed Forces and the National Guard, employees of enterprises, representatives of the National Police, rescuers, self-settled people who have been under occupation in the Chernobyl zone for more than 30 days. We visited the offices and production sites of state-owned enterprises, namely the State Specialized Enterprise “Chernobyl NPP”, the State Enterprise “Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management”, SSE “Ecocenter”, SSE “Northern Forest”, Center for Organizational, Technical and Information Support Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve, State Scientific Center for Cult Protection of heritage from man-made disasters. In particular, they were also at Vector, Buryakivka and at the strategic facility of NNEGC Energoatom – CSFN.


  1. All people are alive, and this is the most important thing.
  2. Virtually every office space in the buildings of enterprises – with significant damage, broken and completely stolen. They stole both work property and personal belongings of workers at their workplaces. Please note that the search and theft of valuables of state-owned enterprises was carried out systematically and daily, and even at certain times – from 10:00 to 14:00 daily.
  3. Many stolen fixed assets, first of all, fleets of specialized equipment of SSE “CPPRV” and SSE “Northern Pushcha”, stolen fuel, which threatens fire and radiation safety in the exclusion zone.
  4. There is no unique laboratory of DSP “Ecocenter” as a single and functional complex.
  5. The physical protection system of KV “Vector” suffered a number of damages, completely broken office and domestic premises.
  6. Red forest. In fact, large-scale fortifications were dug in one of the parts of the Red Forest for a long stay. There are a lot of burnt grass and bushes around the fortifications. The occupiers were fully covered by radioactive particles.
  7. Background. It is too early to draw general conclusions, we need to launch the ASKRO system (if possible, bypassing the sensors has not yet been done) to build on the facts, but the point measurements showed significant levels for the area where they were conducted.
  8. And again, people. It was very difficult to face wild racists every day. But the level of mutual assistance and mutual support that existed during the occupation, cohesion and joint use of bread, water and other essentials – proved that the Chernobyl victims will not be broken, and victory will surely be ours!
    People also did not forget about animals, feeding them and sharing the poor diet that was available.
  9. IMPORTANT. At the moment, visiting and staying in the Chornobyl zone remains extremely dangerous due to the consequences of the presence of Russian armed forces. There are high radiation risks, explosion threats and logistical obstacles.

Thank you ZSU !!! And do not get tired of thanking.
We thank the Kyiv Regional State Administration for its extraordinary efforts, speed and results in rebuilding the infrastructure.
We thank the SES of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine for dangerous and much-needed work, rescue and protection.
We thank the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and Ukravtodor for the fact that the new roads are of such quality that even thousands of units of equipment could not damage them.
We thank the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine for support, cooperation and assistance always and now!
Pavlyuk Alexander, Alexey Kuleba, Andrey Nebitov, Obzhelyansky Jan Ivanovich, Dmitry Podgurny, Alexander Kubrakov, Ruslan Strelets, Mikhail Khorev, Vitaliy Deynega
There will be good infrastructural news soon, and first of all we are working on affordable logistics, supply of humanitarian aid [today the first one was brought to Chernobyl by the CPPRV, a large party], and communication.
Everything will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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