Slavutych family shot racists while defending their city

Slavutych family shot racists while defending their city

Andrew is a former legionnaire of the French Foreign Legion. He served in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq and other countries affected by military conflicts. Currently, the husband and his wife Tatiana run a private company, which in particular provides military training services to the armed forces of Ukraine and other countries. When the Russian army launched a full-scale offensive against Ukraine, in his native Slavutych, Andriy and Tatiana helped the Ukrainian armed forces defend the city.


“We came to the military registration and enlistment office, my husband said that we have such and such a resource, everyone here already knows what we can do,” Tatiana recalls.

“When the shots are fired, I know what the air temperature is, the direction of the air, I know how to correct the shot that was made, how many corrections to make to hit the target,” says Tatiana.

Andrew adds that his wife even blew up objects and went on reconnaissance as part of the DRG.

“She not only provided ammunition, she is a good specialist in engineering, when there were certain actions – she blew up certain objects. She went with scouts, as part of the DRG. I know she is not afraid, I’m sure Tatiana on 100% “.


Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russian troops did not enter Slavutych for a month. The mayor, Yuri Fomichev, explains it like this: “Chernobyl, plus our location is not strategic for the enemy. We understand that if they had a task to go to the city and do something here, they would do it. Such a task probably did not stand, they have the task to record that Slavutych was captured because of the occupied territories, and here the white spot remains on the map. On March 23 we were given an ultimatum to surrender the city without a fight.

At this time, Tatiana was the first to come under artillery fire at a checkpoint near Slavutych.


“I was served a bowl of soup upstairs, where my husband and I were. They said our people are already working, so you can have lunch. I took this plate and at that moment the russians arrived at our checkpoint.”

The enemy was dominated by numbers and equipment. On March 26, the Russians entered Slavutych. The Kebkalo couple were ready every day for the occupiers to invade their own homes.


However, their children knew the scheme of action in different cases. Tatiana says they are tough.

Russian troops stayed in the city for three days, then left Slavutych. Later the deoccupation of this territory by the Ukrainian army began.

Now the Kebkalo couple continues to help the Ukrainian army – they train military units from Chernihiv and Slavutych.

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