Proposal to rename Kyiv street in honor of a Chernobyl researcher who died defending Kyiv

Proposal to rename Kyiv street in honor of a Chernobyl researcher who died defending Kyiv

As part of the de-Russification of Kyiv street names, a proposal was made to rename Chelyabinskaya Street in honor of Denis “Stalker” Rachinsky, who died heroically during the defense of Kyiv in March.

Denis, since his studies at the Faculty of History, has been actively engaged in the study of Kyiv and opposed poachers in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Denis Rachinsky was widely known among the researchers of Kyiv and the ChEZ, as well as among the patriots, as an enterprising and kind person, ready to be in the forefront to meet any danger.

On February 24, 2022, Denis, without hesitation, was one of the first to defend Kyiv. He died heroically on March 20, the guy was only 23 years old.

For the successful renaming of Denis’ native street, where he grew up and graduated from school, your help is needed.

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