Various places in Slavutych have been renamed

Various places in Slavutych have been renamed

In connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation with the support of the Republic of Belarus against Ukraine, taking into account public opinion, by the decision of the City Council on 25/07/2022, objects were renamed. Also, by this decision, by December 1, 2022, the Department of Urban Planning, Architecture and Development is instructed to submit proposals for the reconstruction of the “Union Republic” stele in the Tbilisi quarter, the memorial complex to internationalist soldiers on Chernihivska Street, as well as to carry out work on changing information boards, street signs, and facilities.

Russian forces surrounded Slavutych on 18 March, laying siege to the city and cutting off all supplies of food and medicine from outside the city. The city’s electricity supply was disconnected; after Ukrenergo employees repaired damaged electricity lines to reconnect the city, Russian forces damaged them again. Security checkpoints were set up on the outskirts of the city, although evacuation of civilians from the city remained impossible.

Fighting escalated in the Slavutych area on 23 March, after Russian forces opened fire on a security checkpoint in the outskirts of the city. The shelling of the outskirts of Slavutych continued into 24 March, with conditions within the besieged city described as a “humanitarian catastrophe”. On 25 March, reports emerged that Russian snipers had potentially infiltrated within the city; Slavutych City Council issued a curfew as a result, forbidding residents from moving around the city.

On 26 March, Russian armed forces entered Slavutych unopposed, after attacking the armed checkpoints in the outskirts. The city hospital was captured by Russian forces. Reports emerged that Russian troops had abducted the mayor of Slavutych, Yuri Fomichev; he was ultimately released in time to address a protest rally against the Russian invasion which took place later that day in the city square. More than 5,000 residents of the city took part in the peaceful protest, until it was disrupted by Russian troops firing warning shots and launching stun grenades into the crowd, injuring at least one civilian. Footage of protesters fleeing stun grenades circulated online internationally; the attack on a peaceful protest rally by civilians is a possible war crime.

In an address at the protest rally, the mayor of Slavutych assured Russian forces that there were no military forces or weapons within the city, telling them that they should withdraw as a result. Subsequently, Russian forces withdrew from the city centre into the city’s outer suburbs.

The mayor of Slavutych agreed to allow Russian forces to search the city for weapons in order for them to agree to withdraw from the city. This process was completed on 27 March, and Russian troops exited Slavutych. Subsequently, humanitarian corridors were established in order to allow supplies and humanitarian aid to enter the city and give civilians the opportunity to evacuate for the first time in nine days.

List of renames:

  • Peoples’ Friendship Avenue was renamed Independence Avenue,
  • Kurchatova Street – Atomnikiv Street,
  • Street of the 77th Guards Division – Street of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
  • Nevska Street – Desnyanska Street,
  • Moscow quarter – Polisky quarter,
  • Nevsky quarter – Desnyan quarter,
  • Belgorod quarter – Dnipro quarter,
  • Belgorodsky Boulevard – Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard,
  • Shopping Center “Minsk” – Shopping Center “Desna”,
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