Most of Chornobyl NPP licenses for Radioactive Waste Management are resumed

Most of Chornobyl NPP licenses for Radioactive Waste Management are resumed

A meeting of the licensing commission of Ukraine’s State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate on 10 August made the decision to resume most of the licenses for Chornobyl NPP in the field of the Radioactive Waste Management.

3 months ago, after the long term occupation of ChNPP by the russian troops, the regulator suspended validity of the licenses and in fact paralyzed the ChNPP activities in the field of Units 1, 2 and 3 decommissioning, activities at Radioactive Waste Management facilities and certain activities in the field of nuclear energy use.

As part of the license renewal activities ChNPP has performed a huge scope of work to confirm its ability to comply with the conditions for licensing activities, as well as confirmed that its organizational structure and the availability of qualified personnel, material and other resources meet the requirements established by the nuclear and radiation safety standards and regulations. For this purpose a large number of substantiating documents and information was prepared, a great number of works on property inventory was carried out, radiation survey of facilities, premises and territory of the ChNPP industrial site was conducted. Almost all subdivisions of the enterprise were involved in the license resuming activity.

“Validity of licenses was resumed after submission of documents to SNRIU confirming ability of Chornobyl NPP to comply with the conditions for safe implementation of permissive activity after the Exclusion zone territory liberation from russian invaders.

The decision was made taking into account the results of an expert assessment carried out by SNRIU with the involvement of experts from SSTC NRS. SNRIU also proposed to ChNPP to implement a number of additional measures to improve the safety level of facilities, according to the recommendations of the expert assessment”, – commented Igor Khomyak, head of the ChNPP Licensing Department, the licenses resuming.

It should be noted that as of August 15, a part of licenses was resumed by SNRIU decision. The resuming of the license, namely for use of ionizing radiation sources, is expected on August 17.

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