International assessment of radiation risks relating to the invasion of Ukraine

International assessment of radiation risks relating to the invasion of Ukraine

This week, an international seminar is being held in Warsaw, dedicated to the assessment of radiation risks in Ukraine during the full-scale invasion from the russian federation.

The main topics are the consequences of the occupation of the Chernobyl zone, losses and the corresponding plan for its recovery and development.

Scientists also present the results of research, in particular within the framework of the Ukrainian-Japanese SATREPS project.

The event is organized by the Institute of Environmental Radioactivity – Fukushima University, Japan and the National Center for Nuclear Research, Poland.

Participants in the seminar:

  • Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Institute of Environmental Radioactivity – Fukushima University (IER)
  • University of Tsukuba
  • National Center for Nuclear Research, Warsaw
  • Berkeley University, USA
  • Representatives of institutes and scientific institutions of Great Britain, Sweden and other countries.

The Ukrainian delegation included representatives of DAZV, DSP “Ecocenter” and Chornobyl Reserve.

Deputy head of DAZV, Maksym Shevchuk, in the presentation that opened the event, spoke about the consequences of the occupation, losses and environmental risks that were caused by the Russian occupation of the Chernobyl zone.

Colleagues from the State Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission, IPB NPP, NUBIP, Hydrometeorological Center, as well as People’s Deputies of Ukraine Olena Kryvoruchkina and Oleksandr Kopylenko take an active part in the event.

The support felt in Poland is unprecedented, both from the Polish population and from partners and friends from other countries. Projects and opportunities for support within the framework of the recovery and development plan, with the latest technologies, in particular for studies of the Shelter Facility in order to make decisions about further measures, are being considered.

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