Government Greenlights Legislation for Revitalizing Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

Government Greenlights Legislation for Revitalizing Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

In a pivotal move, Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has given the nod to a transformative bill focused on the regions impacted by radioactive contamination from the notorious Chernobyl disaster.

The legislation makes significant amendments to six existing Ukrainian laws, providing a robust legal framework to catalyze several essential developments:

  • The conversion of the Exclusion Zone into an advanced scientific research hub.
  • Streamlining of regulations governing tourist visits to the Exclusion Zone. Despite the standstill in this sector due to the Russian Federation’s aggressive stance, the issue is now addressed at the legislative level.
  • The establishment of transparent guidelines for carrying out economic activities within the Exclusion Zone.
  • The creation and nurturing of the Chernobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve. The bill also lays out the resolution for financing the reserve’s developmental measures, fire protection mechanisms, and scientific research pursuits.

Ruslan Strelets, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, lauded the approval of the bill, stating, “This is a significant stride towards transforming the Exclusion Zone into a Revival Zone. It’s imperative that we create conducive conditions to ensure, post-Ukraine’s triumph, our international partners, investors, and society at large remain confident in the transparent and unhindered development of this unique zone.”

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