0. On The Day

You will be provided with a meeting point, your guides contact details, your vehicle registration number and type before the trip. Call your guide (All guides have WhatsApp and Telegram) to explain the situation, and get assistance finding the group.

You will be provided with a meeting point, your guides contact details, your vehicle registration number and type before the trip. If you do not show up on time for whatever reason, unfortunately no refund or change is possible.

1. Before booking

The minimum age to visit the zone is 18 years old.

You must not visit the zone if you have any health condition that could be complicated by your visit.

The price you pay is final, unless you change the details of your trip.

There are no further costs on the day, unlike other companies we take full payment online and do not deal with cash on the day – it means we start driving to the zone earlier, no problems getting you the correct change and generally saves lots of hassle.

The only optional extra costs could be if you want to buy any souvenir, or if you decide you want to buy extra snacks or drinks.

Of course your guide and driver will be more than happy to accept any tip – but there is no requirement for this.

Of course! The easiest way is to buy online, and choose the option to pick it up on your trip. If you decide on the day to buy something, we can not guarantee the availability of individual items.

Yes, with special permits. This is possible on any private trip, and on selected special trips.

You can also book a trip directly to ChNPP from Slavutych on our Power Plant Tour.

Depending on what time you are reading this, it could be arranged. The best way is to contact us directly to see what can be organised.

Yes! Any private trip can be conducted in your own vehicle(s) – the price for this is less than the cost calculator on this website, so please contact us for a quote.

Please note that motorbikes and “open” vehicles are banned from the zone – convertible cars are permitted with the roof up, but for example 4×4 vehicles without proper doors and windows are prohibited.

Certainly! We can meet you at the airport and return you there, and we have a number of hotels that we work with in Kyiv. To book transfers and tours, see below. For hotels, please contact us.

For sure! We can organise things for you to do not just in/around Kyiv, but we can organise trips for you to destinations all over Ukraine, including the city of Slavutych that was built to replace Pripyat, the awesome Carpathian Mountains or the beautiful beaches in Odessa.

Everyone has different preferences for this sort of trip, so please contact us and we will provide a quote to you.

Many companies you see are just a website and if you make a booking you will end up visiting with another company, all you have done is paid some extra comission for someone.

When you make a booking with us, the trip will be organised and provided by us.

The only minor possibility of you visiting with another company is if there is not the minimum number of people for a group trip, we might combine the group with one of our trusted partners. This is done with no extra cost to you, and avoids the risk of two companies having to cancel their trip that day.

Compared to some years ago, it’s now very easy! Simply choose your type of trip, pay, provide your passport details and await instructions on where we will meet. Our group trips start and finish in Kyiv but private trips normally start and finish wherever you are staying in Kyiv, but can be organised to start and finish anywhere.

You can pay us using PayPal, credit card, or by bank transfer. All transactions are calculated in Euro and any conversion is calculated from that price.

We accept online payment in EUR, GBP and USD.

We can send you an invoice for payment by bank transfer in EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, HUF, NZD, PLN, RON, SGD or TRY.

You should book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure a smooth trip. The closer we are to the date of departure, the more possibility there is of not having any spare capacity on group trips.

Private trips are the same, in order to ensure a smooth trip it’s best to book in advance. This way it’s more likely you will get your guide of choice (if you have a preference) and not have any problems booking accomodation in Chernobyl.

Absolutely not! You will only visit safe places, if you go inside the power plant then PPE is provided. You do not need to worry, as 1 day in Chernobyl is around the same level of radiation exposure as just 1 hour flying in a jet airliner or 3,000 CT scans!

Yes, normally the maximum is around 18 people. If there are more, we try to split the trip into two or more separate groups.

There is a minimum number of tourists for each group trip. However in the rare situation that this is not met, we work with our partners to try and combine groups (at no extra cost to yourself).

In our opinion, one day is hardly enough to see everything in the zone. Two days is a nice introduction, but still you will see more on a private trip.

The choice is yours, but for an initial introduction I would recommend two or three days. For photographers, five days is enough for a good photo trip.

We should warn you – many people who visit keep coming back again and again. There are photographers who visit for a week or two every year 🙂

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To visit the zone you need to have your passport – an ID card is not accepted by the Ukrainian authorities when the permits are applied for. Please make sure you have the same passport as the one you gave us information for, and that all information you give us is exactly correct.

Tours are normally conducted in English, however Russian or Ukrainian is also always available.

Other languages can be arranged, but we need some time to organise a translator.

We have a modern fleet of cars, minibuses and buses that we can use. It’s not like “Chernobyl Diaries” where people visit in old Soviet vehicles… Unless you want to request a Soviet vehicle on a private trip?

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The choice is totally yours! If you are coming for photography, then Autumn/Fall is beautiful when the trees turn golden, Winter is amazing for snow, Summer really shows how nature has taken over

There are many fixed costs on a trip to Chernobyl, and in a group these fixed costs are split between more people.

However, on a private trip with less people you will be able to see much more. It’s possible to see things that have a specific interest to you, you will have less problems of people in your photos and we can move around at your speed.

We try to match our group trips to demand the best we can, we will not advertise a trip unless we are sure it will receive the minimum number of bookings.

Private tours can be arranged for any date, and in some situations we can add your trip to the public booking availability to try and reduce the price you will pay.

2. After booking

No, none of this is required. All that is needed is clothes that fully cover your body (no short sleeves or shorts) and good shoes.

If you book a trip inside the power plant, PPE is provided.

The price you pay is only valid for 48 hours after it is quoted to you.

If you need to cancel a private trip entirely, then you will receive a refund minus €100 per day of the trip.

If you need to change the dates of a private trip, this can be done up to eight weeks before the trip. Less than eight weeks, there will be a charge of €100 per day of the trip.

For group trips, there is no refund available, however changes to dates (subject to availability) are available if you have selected the “protect your booking” option (if available). Please note that this option is only available when making the initial booking and can not be added later. If it is not shown on the booking page, then no changes are available for the trip.

Where only a deposit has been paid for a trip, then the deposit is non-refundable.

3. Inside the zone

Yes! Many of our clients have visited the zone with us many times on photography or movie projects, with very specific requirements.

There are a few places it is not permitted to take photos, but you can count these on one hand and your guide will inform you about this.

You’re not going to find world famous chefs here, but you will find the food is perfectly OK. Ingredients are delivered from outside the zone and are not radioactive 🙂

If you have dietary requirements, please contact us in advance.

The accommodation in Chernobyl is basic but comfortable and safe. This is not the sort of place you visit and expect the hotel to have a hot tub and sauna.

After action packed days exploring the zone, you won’t need any luxury things like this, as you will just want to sleep after dinner (and maybe some decontamination shots 😉 )

If you’d like a notification every time we post an article, then the easiest way is to join our Telegram channel.

Since you’re here…

Contamination Zone is a group of people who are united by our love for the Chernobyl Zone. We are a non-profit organisation and every year we raise thousands of euros for good causes in the Chernobyl Zone, such as firefighting equipment, monument restoration, animal welfare and more.

If you are planning or thinking about a trip to the zone, please check out our trips to Ukraine in 2023 and if you still have unanswered questions, feel free to get in touch!

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