Hospital 126

Hospital MsCh-126 Medico-Sanitary unit was the general infirmary in Pripyat, serving the workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and their families. The hospital has been abandoned since the evacuation of Pripyat following the Chernobyl disaster.
The hospital could accommodate up to 410 patients and had a further three clinics. The hospital is a large complex of buildings of five interconnected buildings of 6 stories each. The building sits on Druzhby Narodov street (Friendship of the People street) and occupies most of Microdistrict 1. The large letters on the roof read “Здоров’я народу – багатство країни” or “health of the people – riches of the country”.
The basement of the hospital contains the suits worn by the firemen who attended the scene at Chernobyl after the explosion. The firemen were taken to the hospital by ambulance after being exposed to such high levels of radiation that even after 30 years their suits still emit a lethal dose of radiation.

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